Friday, July 11, 2008


Scatterlings and refugees

I seem once again to be entering that phase of life where all my friends are spreading to the four winds. It's an occupational hazard of being in academia, and I'm about to join the diaspora myself. Although I don't think it counts as a diaspora if you're returning to the country of your birth.

It's a sad thing saying goodbye to people you've come to know well, and even in this highly-connected age of cheap air travel, it'll be a few years before I see some of them again. I hereby commend to you a rather sad, beautiful song by Joshua Ellis, he of Zenarchery, that dwells upon this very subject. This is a legitimate download direct from the artist's website, by the way. If you like it, go tell him so, or drop some money in his commercial front at red state soundsystem.

Scatterlings and refugess (demo).mp3

You're really de-diaspra-ing. So where are you headed to next anyway? (yah, should email, etc).
Look who the cat dragged in!

We're heading to Auckland, in fact my better half is already over there and starts the Landcare job on Monday.
that is a great tune - cheers. am now off to find some more like it...
Mr Ellis doesn't really make it easy to find tracks on his webpage. He's supposed to have an album out soon though.
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